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Introducing MinION Mk1C
The most comprehensive insight into cancer genomes
Ask Bolder Questions - What you're missing matters
Reveal More Biology - What you're missing matters
MinION - The only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing
Structural variant analysis with Oxford Nanopore
How nanopore sequencing works
EPI2ME: data analysis for all levels of expertise
GridION: A compact benchtop sequencing device
PromethION 2: flexible, high-yield nanopore sequencing for every lab
PromethION 24: a flexible, ultra-high throughput sequencing device
Preventing pandemics
Adaptive sampling on nanopore technology
Direct DNA and RNA sequencing for methylation analysis with nanopore sequencing
Phasing simplified with nanopore sequencing
Resolving repetitive regions with nanopore sequencing
Protocol HPV Direct Flow Chip Eng