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51118170 MULTISKAN EX (230V) 1 pc The Thermo Scientic Multiskan EX is an ideal tool for customers who need a robust and an easy-to-use bench-top microplate photometer for basic ELISA applications. The Multiskan® EX is a basic reader for endpoint and kinetic assays. The PC software offers a wide range of data reductions and report generations. Additionally, the Multisikan EX with onboard software is IVD compliant.
5112250 iEMS INCUBATOR/SHAKER HT 1 pc ÿþIncrease productivity with the accurate temperature control of the Thermo Scientific"! iEMS"! Microplate Incubator/Shaker HT, a high-performance, 96-well plate incubator and orbital shaker that is ideal for applications such as as DNA hybridization and primer extension assays. The range of applications is even wider thanks to the extended temperature range of up to 69°C.
5112200 iEMS INCUBATOR/SHAKER 3-CABIN 1 pc ÿþIncrease sensitivity and specificity of ELISA assays and reduce incubation time with the Thermo Scientific"! iEMS Incubator/Shaker, a high-performance microplate incubator and shaker designed for ELISA applications. The iEMS Incubator/Shaker provides superior temperature control and efficient orbital shaking, providing high performance and productivity meeting even the highest assay demands.
5160770 WELLWASH 4 Mk2 (220-240V) 1 pc ÿþWash 96-well plates securely with the Thermo Scientific"! Wellwash"! Microplate Washer, an easy-to-use, reliable microplate-strip washer for routine ELISA applications. The Wellwash features a graphical user interface, local language versions and USB port for optimal ease-of-use and convenience. Simplify your ELISA workflow by using our eGuide to see our complete portfolio for all your ELISA needs.
5840150 MULTIDROP DISPENSER 384 (230V) 1 pc ÿþIncrease productivity with Thermo Scientific"! Multidrop"! 384 Reagent Dispenser, which offers continuous high-speed dispensing of various liquids with excellent precision and robot compatibility.
5210530 FLUOROSKAN ASCENT NEONATAL 1 pc ÿþPerform a variety of research applications with the compact and robust Thermo Scientific"! Fluoroskan Ascent"! Microplate Fluorometer. Featuring excellent optical performance, this microplate fluorometer is ideal for life science research applications such as fluorometric protein and enzyme studies, molecular interactions, nucleic acid quantification, reporter gene, immuno and cell based assays and fluorometric kinase.