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Business to Business


BIOgenetiX offers consultancy services for designing and organising the molecular biology and genetics laboratories. These services consists in designing the laboratories according to actual legislation, proposing and designing the flows depending on the investigations and technologies to be done or depending on the way some laboratories can be reorganised according to the new implemented technologies and the restrictions of the existent spaces.

BIOgenetiX will sustain such services for both new laboratories and existent laboratories which are resetting (they expand, they are changing the investigation profile or the used technologies, they are restraining the spaces they are acting in, they are moving or simply they are reorganising in total).

In some situations, when the needs of the clients covers also the construction works, our cooperation and services can expand also into this area of activities.


For our partners we always try to offer more and more. We try to facilitate their access to information or resources so we will be able to sustain together development processes based on cooperation.

BIOgenetiX have the pleasure to announce the partnership with Small Finance IFN, a financial non banking company deeply involved in the small and medium sized enterprises sector in Romania.

The services we propose to our clients can cover, depending on the specific needs of our clients, feasibility studies, business plans, financing services, pre and post financing consultancy, financial or general management courses or coaching for the personnel.

The financing processed can be developed both for buying products from BIOgenetiX or developing actual activity, developing new facilities or any king of new projects related to the laboratory activities.


An important step into the way to maturity of each laboratory is getting the certifications regarding quality assurance. These confirm both the capacity of the personnel which acts into the laboratory and the good quality of the products or technologies/methods used into that laboratory.

For the clients the certification of a laboratory brings a plus in terms of trust and image. For the suppliers, a laboratory which gets an ISO certification is also important because it proves the professional probity and the preoccupation of the people in that laboratory for improved organisation and better management.

BIOgenetiX, through its specialists, can assure an easy access to consultancy services and assistance towards obtaining quality management certification into the laboratories. This means that, depending on the clients demands, we can assure services as: personnel training, internal processes audit and also the assistance of the client’s specialists in designing all the procedures, processes, documents and literature necessary for obtaining the certification.


BIOgenetiX sustains cooperation relationships with companies specialised in providing Information Technology services as: implementation of laboratory integrated management systems (LIMS) software, assurance of specialised personnel for hardware services: network design and implementation, maintenance for peripherals, inhalation of servers or communications nodes, telephony systems setup or other different kind of automation.

Also, BIOgenetiX have the pleasure to announce all the business partners and to recommend the services of Pixel Design Development company, specialised in web designing.