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Tissue Pretreatment Ki

Cytocell is introducing the first Pretreatment kit capable of preparing slides for CISH and/or FISH analysis on Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue. The ready-to-use Tissue Pretreatment Kit has been optimised to produce excellent visual results with the extensive Aquarius® Pathology FISH range. To further extend the utility of the kit it has also validated its use with other commercially available CISH (Chromogenic In Situhybridisation) and FISH (Fluorescence In Situhybridisation) DNA probes. With ease-of-use and convenience in mind, the simple two stage FFPE slide preparation protocol employs the use of ready-to-use reagents; which have been optimised to increase the permeabilisation of cell membranes and facilitate penetration of the desired FISH or CISH DNA probe.

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